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Reduce camera shakes *postagem em inglês porque sou international* | Blond Fox


Here are tips to help you to reduce câmera shakes when you are photographing.

  • VR: Vibration reduction.

The VR helps you to reduce camera shakes.

Many macro lenses incorpore this function.

  • M Up: Mirror up.

Get the mirror about the position ahead the exposure, so the mirror gets locked up.

  • Self timer: Don't forget to set the self-timer. Be really careful to be gentle with the camera when you're gonna press the dispare button.

  • Tripod: The Tripod is the most important. The Tripod helps to leave your stabilizing equipment. So, no sudden movements in your photographs.

  • Remote Trigger: The remote trigger will help you a lot. Just press the remote shutter button and you're done.