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Tips to taking pictures in moviment • porque sou international • | Blond Fox


Here are tips to help you to take pictures in moviment.

Just a reminder for you!

  • ISO: ISO refers to the camera's sensitivity to light.

  • Shutter Speed: Shutter Speed affects the blurring or freezing of motion.

  • Aperture: Aperture affects the amount of depth of field in an image.

Don't use this configurations:

  • F/1.8 (aperture) - 1/40s (shutter speed) - ISO 200

  • F/1.8 (aperture) - 1/640s (shutter speed) -ISO 1000

Use these ones:

  • Aperture - Priority auto exposure (faster aperture lens)

  • Auto ISO sensitivity control 

ISO 200

Maximum sensitivity 8000

Maximum shutter speed 1/640s

  • F/1.8 (aperture) - 1/640s (shutter speed) - ISO 1250

  • F/1.8 (aperture) - 1/640s (shutter speed) - ISO 1600

  • Use "Continuous high frame rate" to get more photos to choose.

This option will take about 6 photos per second.

Types of lens that help you to take pictures in moviment

  • AF-S - Single Servo Autofocus: Use this if you're photographing a non moving object.

  • AF-C - Continuous Servo Autofocus 

This has a Dynamic Area AF: The câmera is going to give an autofocus point.